"Went to Adkins Arboretum on Tuesday and finally picked up your painting. I went with a friend from my art school days who is still active as an artist. I'm thrilled. She also thinks it's wonderful and thinks it's perfect for here and I will send you a picture when I can. It's both smaller and more precious than I remembered and I am so happy. Keep me on your mailing list."

"Your 'brand' of expression, your style, is truly special. It really resonates with me. When I first saw Impressionism, so many, many years ago, I had a simiar reaction. But it's the energy in your brushstrokes that takes me beyond Impressionism. I feel really fortunate to have you represented in our own collection and after seeing your 'gallery' I wish we had more wall space and more $$$."

"Wanted to let you know your painting arrived here safe & sound and is now up on my office wall in close glancing distance from my monitor. I love it! It's beautiful to get to see up close and the simple wood framing goes along with it so well. It's a very good wild little patch of nature for me to get to look at and has a lovely being-out-in-nature feel."

"The painting arrived safe & sound - thanks for shipping it so promptly. More to the point, it's a great piece, very dramatic & evocative. I look forward to having it hang in the house & to seeing your new work this year."